Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 2,159

The Surprised Dada

Dad? My Dad?! Dad! Is that really you?!! Yessssssss!!! Oh praise the Lord you're back! Dad, look! I can sit in a high chair now! I like sitting up! It's my favorite new thing. Even though I can't do it by myself yet. 

I like listening to my sister's Minnie beats too, while I air out my bum. Thanks for putting them on me, Dad. 

And since you've been away so much lately, our new faveote thing is snuggling up during your games and playing "I See Daddy!"

It's fun enough. It's more fun seeing you in person though. That's for sure. 

Can't wait to spend all week with you! I've been learning new Bible stories and you're going to be so proud when I tell you all about them!! Welcome back, my handsome Dada!!!

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