Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Day 2,315

The Lurking

Standing up while eating a cracker while wearing a new sweatshirt that the neighbor gave her. This girl can do it all. Reminds me of the times I’ve worn a baby while unloading the car while checking in bags while trying my best not to lose any children at the airport. Alone. Ha! Crazy that that reality is only a few weeks away once again. 

We’ve spent so much time together this offseason bonding our family in love and in Truth. The Lord has been kind to us and we’re so grateful for the gift of these past three and a half months spent saturated in each other’s lives. The kids are doing better than I ever hoped and it fills me with joy to watch them love their siblings well. As season gets closer and closer, lurking around every corner (sorta like Bearett in this photo!!), I’m reminded to cherish the time we have left, to dig our roots deeper and deeper into God’s word and his church, and to lead lives that exemplify Christ, especially to our children. We’re girding up here in the Conley household and praying for contentment, right motives, clean hearts, crushed pride, and immediate obedience in all things. Maybe for a 95 MPH fastball again too ;)

Monday, January 15, 2018

Day 2,314

The Conley Men at Work

And so, it begins! Bearett hit off Daddy - without a tee - again yesterday! And multiple times too!! Yaaaaaaaay Bear! He’s starting t-ball soon, but we had a hunch he may not need the tee anymore and I think we may just be on to something! Looking at this photo, I’m excited (although VERY patient) about what our future days at the ballpark may look like cheering on Brother, if Bearett chooses to pursue baseball. My heart!

In other news, Adam is gaining weight. Hallelujah!  He’s hovering right around 213 - about 13 pounds heavier than he was at the beginning of October. He eats probably at least a pound and a half of meat every day and we’re cooking meals almost nonstop. Yesterday, while the kids slept, he decided that he’d eat his lunch like this. Between his workouts and nutrition, we’re encouraged at his progress so far. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Day 2,313

The Tent Pitcher

Dad’s camp before he returned to us yesterday! It was a short overnight trip for him, but just what he needed to get some man to man fellowship and accountability in, as well as a few good solitary hours in his tree stand. 

He got home and Ella Mae put him right to work. Good baby. Our new “laundry center” arrived yesterday and I was looking forward to the prospect of de-cluttering my overwhelmingly disorganized laundry room. Without cabinets on the walls, we don’t have much for storage options in there, but this little gem will at least offer me some necessary space until we get those cabinets up next offseason. 

Everyone is so thankful for his return and though we desire that special set-aside time for him and his heart, we sure miss him when he’s gone. And because of that, we really like to show off when he comes home. Bearett’s been working hard on hitting and yesterday, Dad brought the best out of him as Bearett hit SEVERAL balls pitched to him!! He started on the tee with Dad and then two rounds later, was hitting balls Daddy was throwing to him!! 

“You’ve gotta be kidding me, Mom! Did he really just hit that PITCH??!!!” 

You bet he did, Amelia. You bet!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Day 2,312

The Quick Hunt

We laughed all the way up until...

...he said goodbye. 

Then we cried. Dad’s one night hunting trip tested the leftover Conleys quite thoroughly last night. I’m not sure we’re ready for season just yet. Good thing we have another month of Daddy home and six weeks after that of practicing not having him around as much. Turns out my children obey significantly better when the Dada is lurking. Which comes as no surprise, as the authority of a father is desired greatly in a child. We were happy he got some time in the woods and fellowship around the fire though!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Day 2,311

The Beginning of Excellence 

I’ve got a house full of athletes. Keep it up tiny tots. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Day 2,310

The Monkeys’ Home

Rumor has it that these talking and ooooh aahhhhing monkeys are the annual beat-up-your-neighbor-Black-Friday-deal toy of the century that nobody can live without. Well, turns out we CAN live without them, however, our kids are sure enjoying their special jungle surprises from Aunt Kim and Big Mimi. Boris, Rose, and Liv are their names and they’ve become apart of the family - Rose even claiming the couvetous spot next to Amelia in her bed. Watch out Whitaker. (Ok, no. Nobody comes between Amelia and her mama’s polar bear!!)

And watch out world!! Bearett is crushing baseballs like it’s his day job (it is) over here. He’s making solid contact and though he’s still not adjusted to the relentless heat of the Florida sun, he works through the sweat with determination in his eyes. 

When he’s not snacking baseballs over trees, he’s double tasked in driving bikes and shooting guns. All boy. 

And ALL girl. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Day 2,309

The Because

Play date. 
Because kids will find any reason to throw mulch all down the slide. 

Because it’s been rainy and cold. 

Clapping hands. 
Because she’s never been more proud. 

Destroying laundry. 
Because I didn’t just spend an hour folding or anything. 

Bedtime milkie. 
Because Dad wants BigSis to stop taking all the milk from Ella Mae.