Thursday, March 22, 2018

Day 2,390

The First Day of Spring

Playin outside, eatin lunch, and watchin Sisturd learn to swim. Gimme all the sibling love!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Day 2,389

The(ir) Own Worlds

She’s teething. 

She’s teen-ing. 

He’s taking it all in. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Day 2,388

The Quad Squad

Back on the Quad for the first time in a couple years and it brought with it some nostalgia and truthfully some bitterness. The latter of which I recognized immediately and had to preach continually to myself basically the whole book of Philippians. Ha! Not a bad way to sit at a baseball game, friends. Joy, always. Unending joy that cannot be shaken. Joy that comes only from my security in Christ. That’s the kind of joy I desire to live in and this appointed date with AAA is the perfect setting in which I can practice from. Please pray that I’m faithful in my pursuits! 

Adam went into yesterday with the goal of becoming more acquainted with this new slider of his. He told the catcher that regardless of situation, he wanted to throw his slider on every 0-2 and 1-2 count. And he did. Every single one. He said he probably threw about 30 sliders yesterday in five innings. A far cry from the average 6 that he normally throws per game. It’s a completely different pitch than he’s thrown for the last uh, probably 10 years, but he’s incredibly encouraged because this slider actually breaks down and right, whereas it used to break similar to his changeup - down and left. Insane how much he learned this offseason! If he can get a good “feel” for this new pitch of his, and if his fastball continues to progress, he likes his chances. 

The kids quite enjoyed Dad’s “park” game, though upon entering the Quad, a hitter swang AND RELEASED his bat, which flew and landed three feet in front of the four of us. Had we walked any slower, one of us would’ve gotten smoked by a 15 MPH flying wooden bat. Noted! They ran around the field, played in the dirt, skipped their naps, climbed trees, peed on trees, and made new friends. And then after, they got to go see Uncle Lucas. All in all, I’d say yesterday was far sweeter than bitter and as I reflect on it, I’m thankful for the test set before me, as I pray it increases my dependence and joy in Christ. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Day 2,387

The Shooter

He would practice all day if we let him! Bear hit the deer’s heart four times in a row yesterday and from this distance! He’s using a youth sized blow gun with tiny two inch long needles that have plastic “feathers” on the ends. It’s fascinating and totally impressive and as you can see, the whole family loves watching him! Also, yes, he’s growing a mullet. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Day 2,386

The Kill Shot

He saw it, aimed, and shot it all on his own and nailed the little lizard right through the neck with a tiny blow dart!! Way to go, Bubba!!

We’re all pumped for Brother Bear! A huge achievement! 

And what a treasure it is that they have each other to learn from. Their bond solidifies more and more each day and it’s such a joy to watch them flourish. In the words of Amelia’s favorite song, “What a mighty God we serve!”

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Day 2,385

The New Firsts

Milestone met: all three Conley kids are buoyant! Ella Mae is nearing her ISR graduation and with smiles as huge as hers while she floats, this Daddy and Mama sing Mrs. Gina praises for such delicate and passionate instruction of our babe. 

So the kids can all float, but I bet you didn’t know that Bearett can fly?!
He can. With just a little help from Dad. 

So grateful for all the smiles surrounding me. These sweet people bring my life such joy, regardless of what’s going on around or outside of us. Yesterday sent a shock wave through me with the news that Adam was optioned to AAA to begin this season. He has one “option” left (each player has three “options” once they begin their major league career, meaning that they can split time between the minor leagues and the major leagues an unlimited amount of time each year, but only for three seasons before another team can “claim” them for themselves and put the player on their team. This is Adam’s third year splitting time - his third option), and they decided to use his last option in order to get him more time working out all his new mechanics and hand grips in a more controlled setting. And so, he’s going back to NOLA to polish his skills and reassert himself as the hard throwing and funky southpaw who can strike just about anyone out (my words, not his - he’s snoring next to me, totally passed out after his first day back in minor league camp where the running is increased and the calories melt away - anyone have a super fattening recipe I could use daily these next two weeks?!). We face some hard times ahead logistically with the family and how we’re going to make it all work, but praise God, this has not been nearly as difficult a transition as it was last season. We’re far more mature and grounded in our faith and realize more clearly than ever before that no circumstance can rob us of our joy. New Orleans is definitely not our preference - far FAR from it - but if this is where the Lord is directing us for the next however long, then who are we to argue? And why would we (I) lose our (my) joy over it? We won’t. That’s about all we know for sure. Well that, and the fact that for the first time in two years, Adam is throwing the ball with life and velocity, of which has been eluding him and changing his game to nearly unrecognizable. He’s gained an incredible amount of confidence this spring, changed SO MUCH in regards to his mechanics in a very short amount of time, and finally, he’s seeing results. All the video, all the weight gain, all the squats and early morning workouts, all the days of catch, all Pete’s airline miles, all the conversations, all the food, and almost no hunting - all worth it if he’s back to throwing 92-94 with a fastball that can get up to 96 and two off speed pitches that can get swings and misses. He’s going to NOLA to put it all together. And though the heartache of missing him will be great, the Lord is who we choose to trust and so, we have great confidence. Thanks for the support and encouragement. We’re grateful and we’re doing well.