Sunday, May 20, 2018

Day 2,249

The Early Bird Check Out

My 6:30 alarm came faster than I anticipated yesterday morning. I needed the extra time to pack the truck because the entire day before, a monsoon struck NOLA and finding a break in the downpour was impossible. I thought if I could get up and pack and get ready and clean without any kids awake, my efficiency would prove superb. Enter: Ella Mae. If you’ll notice, it’s 7AM in the photo above and there’s a tiny person in pink staring at me from the driver’s seat. You little gremlin. Up three and a half hours before your usual wake up time because...? Uhm. Remind me again? 

In any case, we left the house nearly spotless - minus completing the task of sweeping the floors - and made it to the airport by 9:45 without a single meltdown. We managed to snag a close-to-the-front row and the kids only briefly fought about who got the window seat. Waiting for us in Fort Lauderdale was Mrs. Tawnyia and Ms. Ashley and so all in all, considering the turnaround, our day of travel went quite smoothly and for that, we’re SO grateful!! 

The next *tentative* plan is to get an Airbnb in Miami from Wednesday to Sunday and then fly to Washington for ten days while Adam leaves on the road again. We shall see if that’s in fact, what happens!! For now, his role is in the bullpen and he’s yet to pitch in a game. We’re all doing great and thankful for the opportunity before us and for ALL the sanctification and growth that occurred in the process of getting here. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Day 2,248

The Rats Who Pack

True life: all I do is pack. 
Turns out, after all these years, I still suck at it. Bulging bags, heavy bags, and too many of them. However, I’ve yet to pay for an overweight or extra bag, so there’s my small victory. Plus, it’s not like packing is hard - just time consuming, and well, time I have! I packed up the entire Airbnb solo yesterday while the kids ran around behind me pulling everything apart. Naturally. Thankfully though, we had to keep the house so clean due to multiple scheduled real estate showings of it that it was actually easier to pack than normal. I still went to bed at 2, but for making the decision to pack up and leave at about 2PM that day, I consider my 2 AM bedtime last night yet another victory. 

Our supper from last night: not sure about it’s victory status. I was tempted to order a pizza, but with a fridge a quarter full of awkward leftovers and food I couldn’t stand to waste, we had a smorgasbord of oddities to fill our bellies - they ate it all, so maybe I win again. 

Amelia on the other hand did not win. 
Bug in bed: 9
Amelia: 0

I started packing Caladryl and bug bite homeopathy remedies with me whenever I go about a month ago and boy, am I glad I made that choice! She’s got the most tasty blood and such sensitivity to reactions that I needed to at least do something for her! I put some athletic tape on all the welts as well and hope it deters her from scratching. Here’s to hoping!

Florida, we’re coming!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Day 2,247

The Unexpected Call

Roll out of bed. Shoot lizards and trees. 

Fashion a bow out of random household items while Dad’s at work. 

Get the call. 
Pack as fast as possible. 
Rush everything. 
Explain why Daddy has to leave. 
Pray they understand. 
Drive to the airport. 
Pray as a family in the truck. 
Give kisses. 

And hugs.
So many hugs. 
Remember that it was only four days ago that you hadn’t seen Dada in 17 days. Cry. It changes so fast. 

Work on your grunt call while saying bye. Duh. 

He’s so great. 


Drive “home” (Airbnb). 
Eat your feelings in Dad’s caramel gelato. 
Celebrate the call with Dad’s caramel gelato. 
Of course, while sitting on the pavement outside your “home” because your Airbnb host is selling their house and it’s being shown at 7:30PM for the sixth time in four days. 

Eat more. 
Run inside when it starts pouring.
Host the hour-late realtor and her clients while baking pizza. 

Move all the kids to your bedroom for the night. Blow up mattresses since your host already moved their beds to their new house. Get the gun. 

Get the chair. 
Almost as good as Daddy. Just not quite. 
Read bible. FaceTime Daddy. Congratulate him on his promotion! Pray. Put babes to sleep. Begin frantic flight/hotel/Airbnb/home search. Pray. Should I stay or go? What do we do? For how long? This is crazy. 

Crazy good. 
As long as we’re intentioned in our pursuit of Christlikeness as the goal and prize of our lives, we’re good. Really good. Regardless of where we are. And though the insanity reached a different and new level last night, it’s totally manageable and we’re ready. We’re praising the Lord for the invaluable time and lessons learned here in NOLA and looking forward with expectation to our time in Miami!

Congratulations, Dada!! We can’t wait to cheer you on from our Sunshine State!!! What a remarkable journey it’s already been. Here’s to much more!! 

Wake up at 6:30AM for flight at 10:40AM. It’s 2AM now. Goodnight Nola. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Day 2,446

The Five Best Friends

Our first actual off day in over 20-something straight games and the ONLY off day of the month of May. Uhm, this was just a wee bit past due and we sure were ready for it! Lots of hanging, jumping, swimming, learning, cooking, and loving. Lord, this family is just THE BEST!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Day 2,445

The NOLA Fam

Here NOLA is again, making a believer out of this mama!

We’re in a cute Airbnb in a safe part of town (the birds on the power line came included for free!). 

It’s a home and that makes us feel more at home too. 

We’re soaking as much Dada time up as we can and loving being together again, even if that means sleeping on blow up mattresses, using black plastic table cloths as curtains, and driving twenty minutes to the city pool. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Day 2,444

The Eighth Cake Start 2018

She’s a vallerina. With a V. Don’t you forget that. Her new craze has her dancing all over everything and everywhere and at anytime. But for the most part, if she’s gonna dance, she has to be in uniform. Her tutu is her most prized possession now. Ay!

Adam always said that by the time he was 7 years old, he knew he’d play Major League Baseball. He was right. Maybe there’s something to this and in a few years, we’ll have a professional ballerina on our hands! Time shall tell but for now, yesterday:
He threw well, managing to only give up 5 hits and one run in eight innings. It’s the second time in three games that he’s gone eight. Not to shabby Daddy. We love watching you! (Check out Bearett sitting far right, up close to the net. He LOVES watching Dad and yelling at him to “punch him out, Dad!!!!” 

Good job Dada! 
He touched 95 last night and any time we get velocities at or above 95, my little family and I do a little dance. A ballerina dance, you ask?! Ha!

Day 2,443

The First as Five

I hope one day, they look back and say to me, “Mom, you taught me what it is to be sustained by and rooted in Christ, confident in nothing but his sacrifice and his righteousness.” Or at least something along those lines. If nothing else, I hope they see a mom who loves the Lord and pursues Him in obedience always, even in the ugly times and even in the pretty times. My role as a mother is so much greater than I ever initially perceived it to be, but thank God that he’s revealing the immeasurable impact I have on their very souls, day in and day out. What a task. What a responsibility. But what an honor. I treasure motherhood and hold it dearly. I love my role as a mom and even more, I love my role as THEIR mom. I am filled with gratitude and joy when I consider that of all the children the Lord could’ve given or could’ve withheld, these are the three he gave me. Bearett. Amelia. Ella Mae. Oh my heart. I love you each more than I could try to explain and thank God for such grace in choosing you for me! 

The happiest Mother’s Day yet came on my third year of celebration - with three gremlins climbing all over me for most of it. This is right where I want to be. Leading them, alongside Adam. 
I don’t know how it could get better. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 
And especially to my own Mom, who’s given me such wisdom, encouragement, care, and support over the last thirty years. I would be hard pressed to find a more sacrificial, protective, and dependable woman to share my life with and am grateful always for the example she puts before me. Her tremendous successes and inevitable failures have helped to shape me into the woman I am today. I love you, Mama. 

A special thank you as well to my Grama, who I count on almost daily for a smile and who’s brought me such joy over the years with her ornery jokes and contagious laughs. She’s one of my best and most loyal of friends and I’m just smitten with the love she brings my life. 

To my sisters, who are riding alongside me through this journey of motherhood. Thank you for your shared loved, for your ideas, for your recipes, and friendships. And for answering the midnight calls when I don’t know if I’m just being a hypochondriac or if maybe an ER visit is the wise choice. I count on you for so much and depend on you for helping me keep my sanity some days. I love doing life with you, even from all these miles away. Happy third time being a mom, Ellie. And happy first to you, Shelby! What a task we have before us. May we be those who take it seriously and recognize how much of an impact we have on these little lives!

To you as well, Katy. Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who’s son I adore in the most dear and intimate of ways. You raised a man who’s unlike any other. Such a treasure. I realize more and more just how much effort and sacrifice it took on your behalf. Thank you. I love you.

And finally, to my sister who made me a mom for the third time. I’ve found a love for our son that I never could’ve imagined so sweet. So pure. So real and true. Your sacrifice has added immeasurable joy to our lives and I couldn’t imagine for a second not hearing the word “Mom” come from that tough, freckle-faced, tender hearted boy. The torch you lit and passed onto me has always shone so bright in our lives and I will forever be in gratitude toward you for not letting the flame burn out. In all of this, you are the unsung hero who is deserving of being told “Happy Mother’s Day” every day of your life. You are a tremendous mom. Truly. I gush with pride over the humble sacrifice you made in giving Bearett a home in my family and will always consider you one of the strongest women I know. I love you Morgan. In such a deep and special way. My hope (Bearett’s too!) is that someday, you’d fully recognize the greatest picture of adoption that we’ve shared so often with you, and that you too would proclaim yourself an adopted child and heir of the King. Happy Mother’s Day, my sweet sister.