Monday, September 18, 2017

Day 2,196

The Evacuees Return

Last morning in the hotel and upon pouring bowls of cereal for the kids and me, we discovered the tiny fridge had frozen our breakfast. Starving children and not wanting to spend $15 on room service milk. Hurry, think fast. Hair dryer! Did I mention I'm ready to go home now?

We spent our last day on the road with the most perfect weather in a beautiful stadium. It's been wild, but the kids are such champs and I'm so proud of them. 

Bearett and his favorite Miami evacuee. There were two pups on the trip with us. 

And alas, kids run the bases to cap off a 10-game, 11-day trip. 

We're exhausted and sick. But by golly, we're coming home!

"Mom. Mom!! What was that?! Did you say we're going home?!!"


Miami, let's go!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Day 2,195

The 18th 2017 Start

With the city of Miami still assessing and restoring the damage in South Florida, our home series against the Brewers was moved to Milwaukee. While we'd all have preferred otherwise, the Brewers did an incredible job of hosting us as their guests, even though technically, we were the home team. I've never received such generous treatment at a game before and we are so thankful for their hospitality. I think yesterday was either our ninth or tenth game on the road - with three babes in tow. The logistics of our situation proved to be the most difficult, as finding a new place to eat at every couple hours kept us constantly on the go. Thankfully, the Brewers took care of TWO of our meals at the park with food that was more than just your typical baseball park food. Doesn't sound like much, but when you're eating out every meal and having to plan it all out, it has its effect on you. We were given the entire right field terrace, complete with two separate buffets - drinks included.  

It was incredible. 

Better than the food though- and that's saying a lot - was our view. 

The visiting team's bullpen is directly attached to the patio, so the four of us - for the first time ever - got to watch Dada warm up in the pen!! The kiddies were squeaking with delight to be so close to Dad...even though THEY couldn't even get his attention. 

Turning just 90 degrees to your left from the look inside the glass and this was our view. Miller Park is a sure beauty. 

And just as a side note: for anyone who's ever tried to get Adam's attention while he's warming up or pitching...if his most adorable and precious two year old daughter can't get it while she makes their special "buck" sign to him, you ain't getting a look either! Focused Dada!

And the focus proved worth it. Adam ironed out a few kinks in his delivery yesterday - something that he just now fivalky noticed. And it made quite a difference. He was throwing harder and more consistent. The hope is that he'll continue in this direction for the duration of the season. 

Once Daddy took the mound, we moved to our second set of beautiful seats and watched like normal. As usual, Bearett cuddled his little Ella Mae the whole time, giving her kiss after kiss. I love how much he loves her. 

Once he finished pitching, we moved back to right field and watched the Fish secure the win, even in a stadium packed to limited capacity with die hard Brewers fans. They sold out the tickets available to the public on incredibly short notice due to the relocation of the game, and we were in awe. Real life: in Milwaukee, the fans show up an hour or two before EVERY GAME and tailgate. That's like, 80 games in 6 months! When we pulled into the stadium yesterday, it felt like we were pulling into a football stadium on game day. Such a cool atmosphere. 

And even more cool because we got to spend it together. I love our little family. And we love our Daddy. Thank you to the Brewers, who made the unexpected relocation as comfortable as possible. And thank you to the Fish for allowing us to graciously tag along. We are so grateful. 

5.2IP, 5H, 3R, 3BB, 6K, 2HR, W

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Day 2,194

The Sink Dwellers

She wants to be just like Mama. 

And I hope she is. At least regarding the things of life that have meaning. That does also include sitting in the sink to get ready. In robes. 

She says she wants to be like Mama too. Truth: she just WANTS Mama. Maybe one day I'll convince her that I'm good for more than just Milkies, cuddles, and butt wipes. For now though, I'll take it. Especially since she loves the sink life, just like her mom and sis. 

We spent much of the day in and around the hotel yesterday. We needed good rest and fresh air, and we got both. We also got a couple of hyper monkey-jumpers. Truth: I let them jump on beds any time they want...except when Ella Mae is on the same bed. It's only fair. 

I'm thankful for the continued efforts of the Marlins, who've done a fantastic job making us all feel as much at ease as possible these past 10 days. But truth: I'm ready to go home. Mama is tired. Babies are tired. And Ella Mae needs her own peaceful, quiet room so she stops taking 20 minutes to fall asleep while crushing my face with her gorilla grip. Thankfully, we have a flight back to Miami with the team following the conclusion of tomorrow's game!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 2,193

The 30th

I rung in Year 30 with two surprise treats delivered to our Philly hotel room while spending the whole day packing it up and getting three tiny gremlins and their gremlin mom ready. Amelia smushed the cupcake my Mama sent me (she knows my expectation of cake on birthdays! Love you!) and I ate the "Happy Birthday" paper on the giant cookie, which I mistook for frosting. We didn't leave the room until 5:45PM, but I managed to snag an iced coffee before boarding the bus en route to the series finale against the Phillies. Day made. All in all, though we were impossibly busy, I enjoyed the sporadic celebrations as they came and am thankful for the hectic moments because of why they exist. We're safe from Irma and all together. I couldn't ask for more. 

The Marlins have offered a family bus to every game while we've been on the road. The kids may have found their newest and most favorite way to travel. They also now have more reason and better understand of the song "The Wheels on the Bus," and sang it the whole way. 

On my 30th, I checked another stadium off the list. Citizen's Bank Park, hello. 

And they checked another state on the map. It's wild, but I do love traveling with them. My three miniature best friends and I wouldn't choose anyone else to do this with. 

Best gift of all: Dada!! We got to ride the bus with him all the way to the aw-pwan and flew through the sky into the wee hours of the night all together. Favorite part: ALL TOGETHER. 

Second favorite part: the 45 minutes Daddy and Mommy got to enjoy all alone while the kiddies snoozed. We were given two rows this trip and it sure makes things easier come sleep time!! We landed in Milwaukee around 1 AM and finally hit the pillows around 2:30AM. 

Thank you to all those who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. I'm truly grateful for your kind words and sweet encouragement. I'm more busy than ever, so I apologize if I didn't reply yet on Facebook, but I haven't had any time! We were originally scheduled to fly back to Miami yesterday, but due to the lingering effects of Irma, the series against the Brewers was moved to Milwaukee. And rightfully so. Our roads aren't completely serviceable yet, our condo still doesn't have air conditioning, and the city of Miami needs all the resources available to them and not split between emergencies and a baseball game. So, we're on the road again until Sunday night, when we fly back into Miami. We're hoping to have power in our condo by then. Apparently, all is well at our HOME home, though our special Rainbow Tree was fallen by Irma, which we'll replant once we're home! Thankful we were protected as we were from Irma because not everyone can say the same thing.  

So grateful for such rich years behind me and for the ones that lay ahead of me. I'm looking forward with great expectation to what the Lord has for me this year. Much love, my friends. 

Day 2,192

The Spike Ball

Bye Dad. While you go to the baseball park, we'll go to the chestnut park. 

Ella Mae says, "Oooooh! Tell me more about this chestnut park!"

Well see, I think they're chestnuts anyways. They grow in these green spike balls and when you crack them open, a beautiful polished nut awaits! 

Yesterday's nostalgia was strong as I sat under the huge trees bearing this seed. When I was young, my siblings and I used to collect these by the wagon full from the trees across the street. We loved them. And occasionally, we'd throw them at each other. Kids, don't try this at home!

These babes were mesmerized by such a peculiar nut and spent the better part of the afternoon hunting them down and cracking them open. 

We didn't have a wagon, but they would've collected that many if we did. Instead, they had a coffee cup and we put as many treasures in there that would fit. Love exploring with these kiddies. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Day 2,191

The Suitcase Life

Philly: the City of Brotherly Love! We're exploring running and loving and eating ALL the food. 

Love this little BearBear. He's our little artist and every chance he gets to color (which is a lot lately considering how much we're eating out!), he makes the most perfect pictures!

We met our Philly Phriend (ha!) for supper and a walk around town last night. We were so happy to see a familiar face after a week on the road. She taught us about her hometown and even showed us how to make a wish in the fountain! Over your shoulder!

Then, it was race time. The kids were wild with energy, so a brisk jog was in order. Multiple laps and they loved it. 

Once their mood was a little more settled, they climbed up on the wall and pretended to be statues. Can you spot them?! 

It's been a crazy week of travel, but they're learning a lot and seeing plenty of new things. I'm looking forward to consecutive nights in my own bed at home - with my husband - though. I won't lie about that. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Day 2,190


So, all my blog posts are numbered. Yesterday, my post was Day 2,189. That's in reference to the number of days we've been married. Six years. Six. I started this blog on the day after our wedding and, well, I never stopped. Every single day has been accounted for on these pages. And though I often find myself wondering when these posts might discontinue, I'm thankful that I never stopped. Because the treasures in these memories are many. And many of them forgotten without these words. I look back fondly on our years together and am in awe at where the Lord's brought us in such a short but rich amount of time. To think this photo would be the first photo of our sixth year together brings a smile to my face. Our lives are so full. And our hearts. Oh, they're even fuller. 

We were blessed with an offday yesterday. Finally. And it came at the perfect time. We spent the whole day together. We didn't really celebrate in the way an anniversary might usually be celebrated, but let's face it, nothing we do is defined by "normal" these days. We shopped and ate and laughed and learned. Bearett and Dada went shopping at the military surplus store and somebody walked out with a whole new camouflage backpack filled with hunting supplies. Just like Dad had when he was a kid. Bearett could hardly tame his excitement. 

Before naptime, the Phillies sent some Sesame Street characters to the hotel as a gift to our displaced Marlins babes. The generous gesture was an unexpected kindness that Bearett and the other kids thoroughly enjoyed. Amelia, not so much. She may or may not have cried the entire time. Apparently she doesn't reserve her hatred of oversized animals to only Billy. At least she's consistent. 

Thanks Phillies!!! 

My heart in a picture. I love you, Adam. Thank you for leading us so well. 

They're crazy about you. 

And Dada, so am I.