Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Day 2,169

The Chiro, Cows, and Quiet Time

How Mom was feeling before Lucas. 

How Mom was feeling after Lucas! 

We sure missed our Uncle Lucas, but finally, we made it back to the office and EVERYONE was excited to see him for hugs and an adjustment. 

(This might be one of my most favorite photos of Ella Mae!)

Bearett had lots of "popcorn"'in his spine. Doc fixed him right up!

Millie too! Thank you Dr. Lucas! We're so thankful for the care you've given us over the past four years!

With our spines in line, it was off to the chickens. 

And cows too!

Our church family is so cool that we even have access to baby cows and egg-laying chickens. We got it made. 

Toddler heaven, right here. 

Dirt. Sand. Rocks. Sticks. Buckets. I don't know if I've seen them happier. And boots. Can't forget about the boots. 

They sure had a lot of fun yesterday. And it just continued into the night. We're learning lots and getting used to each other more and more with each passing day. They love each other dearly. And I love watching their relationships unfold. Especially in front of the Bible. Lord, may they love your Word as they grow older, as much as they love it now. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Day 2,168

The 13th 2017 Fish Start

Gettin ready, just like Mama does! In the sink!

Sundays are our favorites.

Because we get to go to church! And not just once, but twice! We love the Lord and we love His church. 

Yesterday gave us an extra treat because between church and night church, we got to watch Dada on the tv and he pitched extra great. Something about pitching at Citi Field that makes Dad throw well. Whatever it is, we like seeing it!

Maybe his best game yet, aside from his near no-hitter:
7IP, 3H, 1R, 2BB, 11K (career high), a single, and the W.

Love you, Dada. We miss you. But you're doing great. Just remember, like Pastor Phillip says (and now Amelia says it before every start), "Be faithful and don't sin." Can't wait to kiss you on Thursday night!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Day 2,167

The Mommy's Break

After the insanity that was yesterday, nap time couldn't come any sooner. I love them dearly, but my small sliver of alone time every afternoon is a must. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Day 2,166

The Rough Start Didn't Stay that Way

When the whole house is sleeping and your two year old decides to wake Mama up too early, an entire pot of red raspberry leaf tea in her new tea set from Nana is the remedy to at least preserve the quiet. 

Yesterday was off to a rough start. I was hoping this would be the climax. 

Turns out, spilled coffee was in fact, NOT the climax. The snake in the pool was a sure runner up, but neither came close to the clogged toilet we endured that had poop coming out of the sink. Guys. Where's my white flag? 

Nevermind! Found it!

Once the dust settled (maybe poop water is more accurate) we enjoyed a monumental day in the pool. 

Ooooooh baby. Our pool time was as perfect as this little face. Bearett floated, touched the bottom, climbed the walls, AND started to learn how to swim. 

Amelia literally swam laps BY HERSELF the width of the pool. 

"Mom! Watch this! I love to swim!!" And splash! She jumped in and swam to the other side. Again. And again. And again. I couldn't believe my eyes. My two year old can swim better than me. So many fears lessened yesterday. I'm almost confident that if she were to suddenly fall in alone with nobody around, she'd know what to do. That's my hope at least. I pray we don't ever have to find out, but that IS the reason she got the lessons in the first place. So proud of my little Fish. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Day 2,165

The Things We Do

Everybody learning push-ups. 

Everybody taking naps. 

Everybody packing bags. 

Everybody (crying) waving bye to Dada. 

But everybody smiling because: HOME. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Day 2,164

The Outfield

So, we've not gone to many games since being called back up to Miami. And it's something we've spoken extensively about. With much consideration, prayer, and counsel, we've come to a place that finds more value of me being at home with the babes instead of at the field. Adam's job is a wonderful gift he's been given and a ministry that is completely unique, but we're learning that stewarding it appropriately is something we need to approach with great care. Our kids' hearts being the main issue. And mine as well. This lifestyle is tempting in so many ways, and so, we just want to be more careful than we've been with how we pursue this gift that the Lord's given us. Me predominately staying home (I'm speaking of our "in-season home") to raise the babes is my main priority. And going to games is going to be something extra we do, not something we just do. So yesterday, we attended a baseball game just for fun. We didn't sit in our usual seats, but instead, explored the stadium after showing up in the fifth inning with our lunch bag in tow. 

We watched donuts being made and then bought a bag. 

The kiddies sat and ate their sandwiches before Mama dished out the treats in our fun outfield seats. 

And then, we went to say hi to Daddy on the field. 

We took some batting practice. 

We rode on a galloping horse-man. And ran out all our energy before saying bye to Dada and going home. We would normally wait for Daddy to eat and shower post game (which takes an extra 45 minutes probably), but that too, is something we're changing. 

We're constantly learning and trying our best to faithfully raise the children the Lord has given us in a way that honors Him, and these are the choices we've been led to make. It's been quite a season of change for us, but we're thankful the Lord has opened our eyes to the things we couldn't clearly see before. 

Once Daddy got home and the babes woke from their naps, we walked to Publix and obviously stopped by the world's greatest child invention. Amelia would play ina water fountain all day if I'd let her. 

Then, we ate supper and enjoyed movie night together. On the screen: Star Wars Attack of the Clones. Behind the scenes: Amelia copying Mama and putting her baby to sleep. We're praying these decisions were choosing to make now have an eternal impact in the future. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 2,163

The Rhyme of Life

I found my toes. 

He wrote a note. 

They like the sun. 

He learned to float. 

I prefer to sit. 

She loves to swim. 

The beach is really pretty. 

I'm a fun friend!