Friday, August 4, 2017

Day 2,151

The Triple Dog Dare

Dare me to take three kids, three suitcases, three car seats, and three carry-ons across the country? By myself?! 

Game on. 

Thirty minutes in, and I'm already winning. Perks of 6:30AM flights. The only kind of perk that exists that early. 

It was actually not as impossible or miserable as most of the looks I got would suggest. Sheer terror was on the faces of most people who asked me if I managed the trip alone, but once you e traveled with two, adding another isn't much different. Plus, it's an extra set of hands to hold the baby. 

They played nicely for the most part. 

And until our flight was delayed three hours, we weren't having many issues. But the delay took our scheduled nap time on the plane. And so, we improvised. But it didn't last long. 

Somehow, we managed to make it to Atlanta. One soiled outfit and one soiled blanket later. It was a trek getting the baggage claim. And even worse getting to the rental car facility...

But at last. It was SO worth it. Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi Daddy!!!!!!!!!!

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