Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day Thirteen Hundred and Eighty-One

The List of Favorites

Sofie the Giraffe is my favorite teething friend.

Baseball is my favorite sport - by far.
And the Zephyrs...they're my second favorite team.
(Can you guess my favorite?!)

And finally...Bearett ties for my favorite cousin!
It was his birthday two days ago and I just love him so much that I wanted to say: 
HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY BEARETT!! WE'RE SO SO SO BLESSED TO HAVE YOU IN OUR LIVES AND WE'RE THANKFUL EVERY DAY FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL SMILE AND CHEERFUL PERSONALITY!!! You've brought an infinite amount of joy to this family and we love you far more than you'll ever understand. We hope you enjoy your new Power Wheel!!

Also, it was Grandpa John's birthday yesterday.
We miss you terribly but know that you're resting in the arms of the Father...and that's unspeakably better than any birthday here on Earth. Happy Birthday, Johnie. We love you so.

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